The Letter to Customer about Covid-19


Dear Customers,

At present, the new coronavirus is rampant all over the world. Pray for your health and safety. Please pay more attention to safety protection: wash your hands frequently by hand sanitizer or germicidal soap; do not participate in public activities and gather less; wear masks; stay at home. We hope that the epidemic will pass soon and our normal life will be restored.

If you need to purchase epidemic prevention goods, such as:

Disposable medical mask, Disposable civil masks, N95 masks,

Hand sanitizer,

Protective clothing,

Disposable gloves,

Infrared thermometer, etc.

We can provide you with corresponding resources and purchasing services.

After more than two months of arduous struggle, the whole nation has been working together and with the efforts of medical staff, the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled. people's lives have returned to normal.

God Blessing!

Thanks & Best Regards,

Novel Digital Technology Limited